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Social Duty


We strongly believe...

We strongly believe that a lawyer’s commitment extends beyond the duties to a certain client. Given the legal knowledge and the interest in upholding rights and liberties, we are meant to contribute to the general welfare of society. As such, we, the people at PBNI, are doing our best to promote those ideas that may help in building a better social environment.


We are doing this...

We are doing this by developing and implementing projects in fields that are law-related and in which our expertise and knowledge are abundant. The PBNI lawyers are founders of different NGOs that have as purpose the furtherance of certain tenets that transcend the practice of law but are intrinsically connected to our work and reflect the passion that we put in everything we do.

The PBNI lawyers, by way of NGOs, actively take part in areas such as: legislative reform (the Association for Legislative Reform, in Romanian “Asociația pentru reformă legislativă”), prisoners’ rights (the Association for Compliant Conditions of Imprisonment, in Romanian “Asociația pentru conformitatea condițiilor de detenție”), environmental protection (the Association for Environmental Preservation, in Romanian “Asociația pentru conservarea mediului și ecologizare”), urban planning (the Association for Conformity and Systematization in Urban Planning, in Romanian “Asociația pentru conformitate și sistematizare în urbanism”) and minorities’ rights (the Association for Upholding Equal Opportunities, in Romanian “Asociația pentru respectarea unei sanse egale”).


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