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Public Focus

Encompassing legal solutions covering all aspects of interaction with the public sector – consultancy on regulatory, administrative and constitutional law matters, assistance whenever any administrative act must be challenged in court.

Any company or individual must abide in its day-today affairs with the orders, resolutions, regulations and statutes enacted by the State in applying laws and governmental ordinances. Whether in assisting our clients in navigating the complex regulatory framework governing industry sectors such as energy or agriculture or in analysing the legality and compatibility of secondary legislation with primary laws, we can help our clients avoid potential penalties from regulatory agencies and run their businesses so as to maximize their effectiveness while remaining compliant.

When all else fails and regulatory penalties are imposed or the decisions of a government agency or other public authority are contrary to primary legislation, we take our assistance one step further, from the Compliance phase to the Challenge phase, fighting any such administrative ruling from state bodies before a court of law and obtaining positive outcomes for our clients. Our experience in this area is reinforced by our team regularly representing state agencies in a multitude of contentious proceedings, therefore giving us the ability to see any matter from both perspectives, the private and the public, to the ultimate benefit of our clients.


Private Focus

Legal solutions covering any segment of private interactions between businesses and individuals – transactional and pre-litigation assistance, and assistance in settling any disputes that arise.

Dealmaking covers the wider umbrella of what is traditionally considered consultancy. In our result-focused approach, we believe that most consultancy leads to the objective of a healthy and effective company, and a healthy and effective company attracts interest for transactions, either buying other companies to consolidate or being itself bought in turn. We guide our clients to that objective, be it through corporate assistance in the structuring of their companies, assistance in negotiating and concluding contracts, employee-interaction or assisting in more specialized areas such as competition law directly in relation to implementing commercial policy or closing a deal, with results that speak for themselves in each area.

Disputes are the other face of the business coin, and wherever the coin flips, we can provide our clients the edge they need in running their business. With relevant experience ranging from business disputes, employment litigation, managing insolvencies with all litigation proceedings that usually ensue and handling commercially-sensitive arbitrations, our team presents the necessary past experience and current ongoing projects to ensure that we can reliably assist our clients in the settling of any dispute, whether in or out of court.


White Collar

Full-service approach in legal aspects concerning white collar criminality – compliance with legal requirements and assistance in case of conflict.

With greater care to day-by-day commercial operations, companies can avoid the risks of a criminal investigation being initiated. It goes without saying that a criminal charge has a great potential for harmful consequences to a business, especially when taking into consideration all the accessories that follow an investigation, such as public relations concerns, freezing of assets, preventive measures, jeopardy of future investments and others.

Prevention is superior to treatment. We encourage businesses to choose a simpler way of understanding legal relationships. We develop and recommend proactive measures so as to prevent any potential criminal disputes that could arise.

We provide legal assistance in all phases of a criminal trial: investigation, the preliminary chamber, first-instance trial and ordinary challenges to a trial judgement. Our levels of theoretical knowledge and our professional dedication especially recommend us for complex criminal cases dealing with offences traditionally placed under the „white collar criminality” umbrella and for cases involving crimes pertaining to the modern era.

Strategy is key in criminal cases. We choose the most pragmatic and useful strategies based on excellent knowledge of law and jurisprudence and on a deep understanding of the facts.


Skill Integration

We know that many times companies and individuals are faced with complex problems that require a multidisciplinary approach.

We know that many times companies and individuals are faced with complex problems that require a multidisciplinary approach. While we strongly believe in the need for lawyer specialization, the team we built acts as a separate organism in which different skills are connected. As such, whenever a problem that focuses mainly on private law aspects but it also requires a criminal law perspective, we have the experience and knowledge to tackle it properly. Similarly, in a reversed situation or, indeed, in any situation in which integration of different fields is needed.

Moreover, with our liaisons in other professions and areas of expertise we work as an extended team so as to cover non-legal but related aspects of our clients’ requests. We integrate the skills of professionals in fields such as financial and accounting services, tax, competition, stock markets and many more.



Certain cases may involve international dimensions as well. Whether it is a matter of trans-border consultancy or litigation in front of international bodies, our team has been built with such international openness in mind.

For example, our lawyers have significant experience in legal assistance and representation of individuals before the European Court of Human Rights. It must be underlined, however, that there are other international mechanisms that serve to review the internal upholding of fundamental human rights, mechanisms with which Idearum offers legal assistance at the highest professional standards.

Exclusively or teaming up with our international liaisons, we are ready to offer assistance in international private law and international public law matters as well, in cases brought up, exempli gratia, in front of the Court of Justice of the European Union or in front of alternative dispute settlement institutions and courts.


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