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While there is no madness to our method...

While there is no madness to our method, there is certainly a commitment to always strive for achieving the best legal work-product and a practiced drive to ensure the uniformity of our projects, so as to easily identify our team from the moment one first reads a page of our work.

To this end, beyond the customary use of a single, identity-defining font and typeset, we always persevere to analyse relevant past practices in our projects, both transactional and litigation-oriented.


When a client requests...

When a client requests us to analyse several proposed transaction structures, we will always go above and beyond the initial request to try and provide alternative solutions, if any exist (sometimes our clients are simply that thorough), based on tried-and-tested business practices in other markets, including a constant look outside Romania to the transactions that characterize western markets.

Based on case-studies of both market-defining mergers and acquisitions and less well-known business restructuring operations, we methodically analyse other transactions so as to conclude if we can go the extra mile for our clients in servicing the best deal for their needs.

Depending on client preferences, we have also analysed taxation of envisioned transactions and advised on the applicable tax and fiscal legislation that could provide optimal results for the deal in question, including exhaustive advice on foreign jurisdictions and their tax regulations, with the creation of corporate special purpose vehicles being included whenever client interests were best served in this manner.


When we go to court...

When we go to court for a client, our approach and analysis never stops at applicable legislation and the facts of the case, even though we believe that a successfully settled dispute hinges on the structure of the factual narrative and presenting a compelling story to the court, blending both facts and law to the client’s advantage.

Our approach always includes analysing existing relevant court practice in similar cases, because even though case law is not binding in Romanian law, we are of the belief that its persuasive value is sometimes ignored or undervalued to the detriment of both clients and the general practice of the legal profession. While excellent legal arguments are a sine qua non of any court dispute or arbitration, showing that another judicial body has ruled similarly on the issue in question can go a long way to proving your case and obtaining a positive client outcome. To that end, we always go the extra mile for our clients.


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