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Dragoș Pârgaru

Selection of relevant outcomes

  • Dragos has provided successful legal assistance and representation to several top-ranking legislative and government officials (ministers, secretaries of state, senators and members of the House of Representatives) or local authorities (mayors, local counsellors, other officials serving with local authorities) and to high net-worth individuals constantly featured in nationally recognized wealth rankings in criminal files in which these individuals were either suspects or arraigned;
  • Dragos has provided successful legal assistance to some of the largest companies in fields such as energy, construction, gambling, pharmaceuticals, medical services, security services, banking and financial services, real estate, sports, online marketing, publicity, agriculture, industrial machinery providers;
  • Dragos has repeatedly obtained annulments of conviction decisions and acquittals in appeal proceedings, when hired only at this phase of the trial;
  • Dragoș has also successfully provided legal assistance and representation in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights, as well as in criminal law judicial cooperation procedures, including in cases having as object European arrest warrants.


With more than 10 years of relevant experience, Dragoș is the coordinator of PBNI and the co-coordinator of its White-collar and Public Law Divisions. Dragoș has had, ever since graduating from the University of Bucharest School of Law, teaching commitments.

He is an assistant lecturer teaching Criminal law, White collar offences and Criminology with the University of Bucharest School of Law. In the same vein, with a view to continuous academic development Dragoș succesfully defended his PhD thesis, obtaining his degree summa cum laude.

He is also a published author in the legal domain, having to date written either individually or with others multiple books and articles.


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